BTS to release song for 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup

One of the popular Pop groups, the K-pop group BTS is reportedly going to perform in the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup schedule to begin in the month of November in Qatar. BTS will reveal a new song soon. BTS will be participating in the 2022 FIFA World Cup song project as the global brand ambassador for Hyundai Motors, where they will be promoting the “Team of the Century” campaign.

2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup Song BTS
BTS to release song for 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup

The main aim of the campaign is to uphold its ambassadors for the job of launching the ‘Hyundai Goal of the Century Pledge’ giveaway event which will begin on July 29 and conclude on September 30. The 11 campaign participants will win a ticket to enjoy the World Cup 2022 live in Qatar.

It will be in the month of November the Song collaboration will be released. It is not yet confirmed whether BTS will be attending the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup on November 21.

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There is already huge hype among BTS fans wondering what their stage would look like and also they will perform like past performances in stadiums as a visual treat for the attendees. Everyone is expecting a similar performance of the group’s 2020 MAMA stage conducted at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

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