FIFA moves Qatar World Cup start forward by one day to 20th November

The first match of the FIFA World Cup 2022 is scheduled between host nation Qatar and Ecuador in Al Bayt Stadium. The match was earlier scheduled on 21st November, however, according to the latest news, the official governing body of football, FIFA has moved the World Cup Start Date by One Day to allow the host nation to play after an Opening ceremony on Sunday, 20th November.

FIFA Moves World Cup Start Date
FIFA Moves World Cup Start Date

The decision came on Thursday by the football governing body, stating it followed an assessment of the “Complications and Operational implications” and also consultation with the host nation and stakeholders. The Opening match was fixed between two group nations Senegal and the Netherlands on 21st November, however with Thursday’s decision the match has been postponed by six hours, replacing the evening spot previously allocated to Qatar vs Ecuador.

FIFA in a statement revealed, “The change ensures the continuity of a long-standing tradition of marking the start of the FIFA World Cup with an opening ceremony on the occasion of the first match featuring either the hosts or the defending champions”.

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Also, it is for the first time in history, that the 2022 World Cup to be played in the month of November and December, whereas the previous editions were scheduled between late May and the end of July. The decision came in the northern fall season in 2015 to avoid Qatar’s summer heat. The European Football bodies had opposed the decision as they have to shut down their domestic leagues for several peak weeks.

The First game and the opening ceremony will take at Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, consisting of a total of 60,000 seats situated towards the north of the Qatari capital Doha.

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