Top Goal Scorers of each FIFA World Cup (1930-2018)

Top Goal Scorers of each FIFA World Cup: FIFA World Cup is an important sporting event for any international player, as the game offers him to display his skills and talents on a major platform. Every football player dreams to be a part of his team playing at the FIFA World Cup event and leading it successfully by winning the finals.

As the 2022 World Cup championship is scheduled for 26 November 22 in Qatar, football enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to see their favorite players on the field and also many of them are curious to know the Top Goalscorers of each FIFA World Cup, which we have curated in the list below.

Top Goal Scorers of each FIFA World Cup
Top Goal Scorers of each FIFA World Cup

Top Goal Scorers of each FIFA World Cup

Guillermo Stabile – 1930 (8 goals)
Guillermo Stabile, a forward player from Argentina with 8 goals in the four matches of the Uruguay 1930 World Cup became the top goal scorer. He was the only player to score a hattrick in that particular event.

Oldrich Nejedly – 1934 (5 goals)
It was the second FIFA World Cup tournament and Czechoslovakian star Oldrich Nejedly dominated the event by scoring 5 goals. His outstanding performance was rewarded with a Bronze Ball and the All-Star Team of the tournament.

Leonidas – 1938 (7 goals)
Leonidas was a part of the Brazilian team from 1932 to 1946 and during his tenure as a football player, this Brazilian forward scored 4 goals in the 1938 France World Cup.

Ademir – 1950 (8 goals)
Ademir with 8 goals against Sweden became the top goal scorer in the 1950 World Cup, however, his achievement went in vain, as his team Brazil suffered a 2-1 defeat against Uruguay in the finals.

Sandor Kocsis – 1954 (11 goals)
Sandor Kocsis, a Hungarian forward scooped 11 goals in the 1954 tournament, where the most 4 goals came against top contender West Germany.

Just Fontaine – 1958 (13 goals)
Just Fontaine, a French striker played only one World cup tournament but marked his name as the top goal scorer by scoring 13 goals in that particular event. He achieved this feat and became the fourth all-time leading goal scorer in the tournament.

Six Players with 4 goals – 1962
The 1962 World Cup tournament had six players, Florian Albert, Garrincha, Valentin Ivanov, Drazan Jerkovic, Leonel Sanchez, and Vava on the list of top goal scorers. All of these players scored four goals each.

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Eusebio – 1966 (9 goals)
It was a proud moment for the Portuguese when their all-time great player Eusebio scored 9 goals in 6 matches for Portugal at the 1966 England FIFA World Cup.

Gerd Muller – 1970 (10 goals)
In the history of the FIFA World Cup, Gerd Muller is remembered as the top defender and a striker for Germany, who also became a top goal scorer by scoring 10 goals in the 1970 Mexico World Cup.

Grzegorz Lato – 1974 (7 goals)
Lato at the 1974 World Cup played extremely well, thereby scoring two goals against Argentina and two against Haiti. With 7 goals in his name, he became the top goal scorer of that particular event.

Mario Kempes – 1978 (6 goals)
Mario Kempes successfully lead his team Argentina into the finals at the 1978 World Cup. A great striker scored 2 goals for his team.

Paolo Rossi – 1982 (6 goals)
Italy won the 1982 World Cup in Spain and the credit goes to their target men Paolo Rossi who scored a hat trick against Brazil in that particular tournament.

Gary Lineker – 1986 (6 goals)
Gary Lineker is still remembered for sidelining the star football player Maradona at the 1986 World Cup. Even though Maradona dominated the tournament, one can’t ignore the performance of the golden boot winner Gary Lineker.

Salvatore Schillaci – 1990 (6 goals)
Salvator Schillaci with six goals for his team Italy became the top goal scorer in the 1990 World Cup. He declared his retirement from international football in the year 1991 but is still remembered for his outstanding contribution to team Italy.

Two Players – 1994 (6 goals)
The 1994 FIFA World Cup had two names on the list of top goal scorers, Hristo Stoichkov and Oleg Salenko. Hristo Stoichkov single-handedly leads his team Bulgaria into the semifinals. Oleg Salenko on the other hand scored 5 goals in a single game. Stoichkov continued his dominance after the 1994 World Cup.

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Davor Suker – 1998 (6 goals)
A top striker from Croatia, Davor Suker, came into the limelight after winning the golden boot in the 1998 World Cup hosted by France.

Ronaldo – 2002 (8 goals)
A world-class striker, Ronaldo showcased a massive game in the 2002 World Cup claiming 8 goals. His game against Germany as a striker in the finals is still remembered as one of the best in the history of World Cup events.

Miroslav Klose – 2006 (5 goals)
With only 5 goals, Miroslav Klose became the 2006 World Cup golden boot winner. However, all of these goals played a crucial role, where 2 came against Costa Rica in the opener, 2 against Ecuador, and one against top opponent Argentina.

Four Players -2010 (5 goals)
Diego Forlan from Uruguay became the star player by winning the golden boot at the 2010 World Cup. However, with 5 goals, he has to share his achievement with other top performers Thomas Muller, David Villa, and Wesley Sneijder.

James Rodriguez – 2014 (6 goals)
James Rodriguez dominated the 2004 World Cup tournament with 6 goals for his team Colombia. He displayed an outstanding performance against top teams Brazil and Uruguay.

Harry Kane – 2018 (6 goals)
Harry Kane stealed the show as a top striker for England with 6 goals successfully leading the team into the semifinals. We can see the same execution by him at the upcoming 2022 Qatar World Cup.

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