List of Qatar World Cup 2022 Stadiums: FIFA World Cup

List of Qatar World Cup 2022 Stadiums: World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events played after every four years. This year, the 2022 World Cup event will be hosted by Central Asian country Qatar for the first time. Spectators and athletes from different nations in huge numbers are expected to gather at the event.

Qatar World Cup 2022 stadiums
Qatar Fifa World Cup 2022 stadiums

For the upcoming World Cup 2022, the host country Qatar is all set with its preparations and has proposed 8 stadiums at different venues. Qatar is the hottest nation and to avoid scorching heat, the organizers will develop and use eco-friendly technologies to maintain a cool atmosphere within the stadiums.

Qatar Fifa World Cup 2022 stadiums

The World Cup 2022 Football matches will be played at the following 8 stadiums

1. Al Rayyan Stadion
Al Rayyan Stadion is one of the stadiums in the host city Qatar where the upcoming World Cup 2022 football matches will be played. The stadium was previously known as Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium which was demolished and this newly built stadium is designed by Ramboll with a seating capacity of 44.740 seats. The group matches and the knock-out phase matches can be played in the stadium, which provides various sports facilities including a mosque, cricket field, athletics track, tennis court, soccer training fields, hockey field, bicycle track, and skate park.

According to the schedule, the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup will be played at the Al Rayyan Club. The stadium is in close vicinity from the Doha Metro Station, and Qatar’s new mall.
In 2016, the Al Rayyan Stadium was voted as the Stadium Design of the year.

2. Al Thumama (Al Thumama gebied)
Among the World Cup 2022 stadiums, Al Thumama Stadium is one of the stadiums where the quarter-final matches will be played. The Architect of the Arab Engineering Bureau, Ibrahim M. Jaidah designed the football arena which is derived from the woven gahfiya headscarf, with different shapes, colors, and names of every Arab country. The name of the stadium, Al Thumama is derived from the local tree, which is grown 6km from the capital city of Doha. The distance of the stadium from the Hamad International Airport is just 12 km.

The latest cooling technology and accessibility facilities have been developed by the architectures of the Al Thumama stadium, which was even demonstrated in the form of mini stadiums to the FIFA. Spectators can reach the stadium easily by bus that runs from the metro station.

3. Al Bayt Stadion (Al Khor City)
Al Bayt Stadion is designed by famous designer Dar Al-Handasah derived from the Bedouin tents, a symbol of hospitality in Qatar. The football fans while arriving at the stadium situated in Al Khor city will walk through the beautiful landscape of Aspire Park. The stadium is designed in the form of three rings colored in black, red, and white, which will occupy 60,000 spectators. It also consists of sliding roofs to have optimum cooling.

The stadium features a modern design with an upper ring with removable seats which will be removed after the 2022 World Cup event. The cooling system inside the stadium will be maintained using multiple cooling systems used by cold water from the nearby energy center.

4. Khalifa International Stadion (Doha)
It is known as the prominent stadium in the host city which has organized most events of a worldwide football tournament. Aspire Zone Foundation has uniquely designed the stadium, with its arch and roof visible from far away. The foundation of the Khalifa International Stadium took place in 1976 and is currently undergoing major renovations for the upcoming 2022 World Cup event to host group matches, eight final and quarterfinal matches.

The Khalifa International Stadium will have large LED screens and will hold a seating capacity of 40,000 covered seats with cooling systems. It will be the first stadium to get ready for the Football world cup, where 8 special machines have been positioned to place grass correctly. The Stadium will have all the facilities covering 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic, Sports Museum, shops, restaurants, VIP rooms, and a health center.

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5. Al Janoub Stadium (Al Janoub)
This football stadium is located 15 kilometers from the southern city of Doha. Zaha Hadid Architects designed the stadium in collaboration with AECOM with a seating capacity of 40,000 seats. Al Janoub Sports club will use these newly built stadiums from different sports activities before the World Cup. Al Janoub Stadium and the Doha Metro are directly connected to the capital to enhance quicker traveling facilities for football fans.

The major world cup 2022 matches and the quarter-finals will be played at the Al Janoub stadium. Al Janoub is known as the fishing town and the design of the stadium is inspired by the traditional dhow boats.

6. Lusail Iconic Stadion (Losail)
The Lusail Iconic Stadium is designed as a golden vessel inspired by Arabic architecture and the credit goes to British Foster + Partners. It resembles the age-old tradition and craftsmanship of the region comprising of woven Lanterns and detailed bowls. The stadium is expected to be completed by the end of 2022 and will occupy a seating capacity of 80,000 seats. The stadium will have a maximum number of spectators for the World Cup as the opening and the final match will be played in this stadium.

With the development of this stadium, nearly 200,000 inhabitants will reside in this ultramodern city that will feature facilities such as ports, parks, theme parks, businesses, and football stadium. The stadium after the 2022 World Cup will be used as a neighborhood including shops, schools, sports facilities, cafes, and health centers.

7.Education City Stadion (Doha)
Education City Stadium is situated around the vibrant center of innovation and knowledge surrounded by sports organizations and academic facilities. Utmost care has been taken while constructing the stadium, taking into consideration accessibility.

It features a unique design with triangular patterns, traditional arabesque patterns, that change their color during the day according to the sun’s movement. The stadium will host matches up to the end and the major quarter-final of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

8. Ras Abu Aboud Stadion (Ras Abu Aboud gebied)
Ras Abu Aboud Stadium will occupy at least 40,000 spectators at the upcoming Qatar 2022 World Cup event. The stadium is under construction to the east of the Center of Capital Doha in the Ras Abu Aboud area. In the history of the Football world cup, Ras Abu Aboud Stadium will be the first fully demountable tournament venue. The field will have a natural grass, VIP reception areas, and be fully air-conditioned.

The structure of the stadium will be built using the modified shipping containers which will host matches up to the end including the 16th round of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The organizers will utilize the stadium for various purposes to benefit the local population after the Qatar World Cup.

9. Al-Khor Stadium (Khor)
Al Khor City will have the second world cup stadium in the form of Al-Khor stadium. The stadium is designed in a tent shape that resembles the age-old tradition, history, and culture of Qatar. It is derived from the Bedouin tents as a mark and symbol of hospitality in Qatar.

Al-Khor Stadium will have a seating capacity of 60,000 spectators where matches up to and semi-finals are organized by the organizers. The stadium comprises sliding roofs specially designed to maintain the optimum cooling temperature for the playing conditions.

10. Qatar University Stadium (Doha)
Qatar University Stadium will be the fourth football stadium to host around 43,000 spectators.

11. Sports City Stadion (Doha)
Sports City Stadium will hold around 49,000 spectators, constructed with a cost of $1.6 billion. MEIS Architects are the designer of the stadium which will also have modern facilities like a water park, convention center, a luxury hotel, a mall in the sky, a sports museum, an amphitheater, and a business center. The design is inspired by the debouin tents which will have the energy to power the building.

12. Al Shamal Stadion (Ash Shamal)
Another big stadium to host spectators and football players in the Al Shamal Stadium. It is one of the biggest and largest stadiums in Qatar with a seating capacity of 45,210.

The shape of the stadium is designed based on the traditional dhow, which are the local fishing boats used in the Persian Gulf.

13. Umm Salal Stadion (Umm Salal)
At the upcoming Qatar World Cup 2022 championship, this Umm Salal Stadium will support 45,210 fans. This football stadium is built in the Umm Salal region and its design is based on traditional Arabian forts.

14. Doha Port Stadium
Doha Port Stadium is built to host matches of the group phase, a round of 16 and a quarter-final match ready to accommodate 44,950 spectators. The stadium is designed by German company Albert Speer and Partner GmbH with shipping containers.

15. Thani bin Jassim Stadion (Al Rayyan)
Thani bin Jassim Stadion is a multi-purpose stadium built in Al Rayyan, Qatar also known as Al-Gharrafa. Around 21,175 people can seat in this stadium during the Qatar World Cup 2022 matches and can be expanded up to 44,740 seats.

The design of the Al Rayyan stadium has a façade made up of flag colors symbolizing mutual tolerance, respect and understanding, and also football and friendship.

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