Top 5 Tourism Attractions in Qatar For FIFA World Cup 2022

With only a couple of months remaining for the much-awaited Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar tourism has announced several top tourism attractions opening in Qatar for the tourists arriving in the Gulf state.

Chief Operating Officer of Qatar Tourism, Berthold Trenkel came up with an announcement stating “There are new beaches for those looking for sun, sand, sea, and theme parks and water sports hotels for the adventurous, and lots of new resorts, spas, and restaurants for visitors seeking a more relaxing gateway”

It is a great opportunity for Qatar to capitalize on the expected arrival of over one million visitors for the FIFA World Cup 2022 displaying its hidden treasures.

Below are the top 5 attractions to enjoy during your stay at the FIFA World Cup 2022

1. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland Qatar

Winter Wonderland is a beautiful scenic island situated near Lusail City just north of Qatar’s capital featuring host beaches, a marine club, and also an open area for parties and various events.

FIFA visitors will truly enjoy the Doha Winter Wonderland by relaxing on the beach in mid-20 c temperature.

2. Fuwairit Kite Beach (FKB)

Fuwairit Kite Beach
Fuwairit Kite Beach

Fuwairit Kite beach is a popular coastal village easily accessible with a one-hour drive north of Doha. This place will lure the visitors for its excellent kitesurfing conditions, ideal ocean water, and power-soft sands.

Also, FKB comprises a yoga studio, a fully equipped gym, restaurants, a pool, and ample amenities.

3. The Outpost AI Barari
This location is situated close to nature which will be first of its kind experience for visitors in a stunning resort of the world’s unique Inland sea nature reserve. Along the southeast of the country, the Saudi Arabia border is Qatar’s Al Wakrah Municipality to enjoy the desert experience.

4. Qetaifan Island North
Qetaifan Island North is set over 1.3 million square feet which are close to the famous Lusail Stadium. The final match of the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be hosted at these places and thus stands out as an important venue for visitors.

It is the first of its kind “Entertainment Island” in Qatar featuring floating hotels, beach clubs, and a water park with 36 rides- including “The Icon Tower Zone of 85-meter high slide which is the highest slide in the world.

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5. West Bay North Beach Project
West Bay North Beach Project is a public as well as a private beach that will provide a unique experience of three distinct beaches for visitors. Also, there are a lot of options food and beverage options available for the visitors to enjoy.

This tourism spot is a massive new tourism development built in the heart of Doha comprising 40,000 square meters of premium beachfront.

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