Will FIFA 23 have a World Cup Mode?

Will FIFA have a World Cup Mode: The countdown to the 2022 FIFA World Cup has already begun and the prestigious competition is all about to kick start in a couple of weeks. With the important event approaching, there are plenty of speculations circulating that will FIFA have a World Cup mode. So here we have shed a light on the details for these hotly anticipated questions. Here we have gathered all the latest information you need to know about the FIFA 23 World cup mode.

The first mode of the FIFA World Cup was the ultimate time extension of its paid add-on in 2014 which mainly comprised of building a squad of nations and continents along with the football franchise.

Will FIFA have a World Cup Mode?
Will FIFA 23 have a World Cup Mode?

FIFA World Cup Mode was also introduced in the previous 2018 Russia World Cup which garnered huge success. The main highlight of the world cup mode was a regular kick-off mode and a world cup glory offline with a nation to choose of your choice.

Will FIFA 23 have a World Cup Mode?

There is exciting news for World cup fans and enthusiasts, with World cup modes coming to FIFA 23. This time EA is providing with not one but two world cup modes.

FIFA 23 World Cup Mode Release Date:

The FIFA 23 World Cup mode will be released on Friday, September 30th, 2022. It is for the first time, that EA has built a single FIFA experience that will bring male as well as female participants together. The mode will have both Men’s as well as women’s world cup mode, with EA expanding its licensing partnership across all the major leagues.

The Qatar FIFA version will have only a men’s team and therefore the EA FIFA 23 mode will comprise only a World Cup mode to FIFA Ultimate Team. However, we can expect a separate game mode to be made available for both men’s as well as women’s tournaments.

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It will be great if we have the women’s world cup in the FIFA 23 mode, where the women’s tournament is much more comparable to that of the men’s game in recent times. Women’s Euro 22 garnered huge success and we can hope for EA to introduce women’s football in the future as the game is certainly on the rise for sure.

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