World Cup 2022 TV schedule UK: How to watch England games in Qatar

Fifa World Cup 2022 TV schedule UK on BBC and ITV: As we are inching closer to the much-hyped FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar is well prepared to host the biggest football tournament, where BBC and ITC the popular broadcasting channels are all set to telecast the live matches.

Two of these prominent channels have recently confirmed their coverage plans to split the games among them. Two of the England matches in the group stages will be live broadcast by BBC, which also includes the opening day First match of Gareth Southgates against Iran. Also, England’s clash against Scotland, Wales and Ukraine will be telecasted on the channel which is currently halted in the qualification process due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. ITV will bring a live telecast of the important match between England and the USA scheduled on the first Friday night. There is much excitement all around especially among World cup fans to reveal more about the release of the TV Schedule which you will find here in detail.

Fifa World Cup 2022 TV schedule UK
Fifa World Cup 2022 TV schedule on BBC and ITV

Fifa World Cup 2022 TV schedule on BBC and ITV (TV Listings)

It is for the first time in the history of the FIFA World Cup, that the tournament is organized in the middle east country of Qatar where the average temperature between July –August ranges around 100 degrees F. So the organizers have come up with the schedule of the FIFA matches in November and December.

BBC and ITV are the major broadcasting channels that will provide live coverage of the FIFA tournament, on Free to air TV including on-demand via the iPlayer and ITV Hub services. The schedule plans for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 have been updated due to Wales delayed qualification to ensure the UK coverage. On November 21st, BBC will bring live coverage of England’s Opening game in Group B stage, whereas another television broadcaster in the UK, ITV will show the live clash between Wales and USA and later England’s opening game.

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Wales encounter with Iran will be shown live on BBC, and Gareth Southgate’s England matches with USMNT on ITV. Both of these matches are scheduled for November 25th. Also, you must bookmark November 29th, as on this important day in England and Wales are paired together for the final group match, you can catch the live action on the BBC network.

TV schedule for England and Wales World Cup 2022 group matches

Date Fixture Time (GMT) Broadcaster
21 Nov England vs. Iran 1 p.m. BBC
USA vs. Wales 7 p.m. ITV
25 Nov Wales vs. Iran 10 a.m. BBC
England vs. USA 7 p.m. ITV
29 Nov Wales vs. England 7 p.m. BBC

TV schedule for all World Cup 2022 group games

21 November Monday

  • Senegal vs Netherlands, 10am, ITV
  • England vs Iran, 1pm, BBC
  • Qatar vs Ecuador, 4pm, BBC
  • USA vs Wales, 7pm, ITV

22 November Tuesday

  • Argentina vs Saudi Arabia, 10am, ITV
  • Denmark vs Tunisia, 1pm, ITV
  • Mexico vs Poland, 4pm, BBC
  • France vs Australia, 7pm, BBC

23 November Wednesday

  • Morocco vs Croatia, 10am, ITV
  • Germany vs Japan, 1pm, ITV
  • Spain vs Costa Rica, 4pm, ITV
  • Belgium vs Canada, 7pm, BBC

24 November Thursday

  • Switzerland vs Cameroon, 10am, ITV
  • Uruguay vs South Korea, 1pm, BBC
  • Portugal vs Ghana, 4pm, ITV
  • Brazil vs Serbia, 7pm, BBC

25 November Friday

  • Wales vs Iran, 10am, BBC
  • Qatar vs Senegal, 1pm, BBC
  • Netherlands vs Ecuador, 4pm, ITV
  • England vs USA, 7pm, ITV

26 November Saturday

  • Tunisia vs Australia, 10am, BBC
  • Poland vs Saudi Arabia, 1pm, ITV
  • France vs Denmark, 4pm, ITV
  • Argentina vs Mexico, 7pm, ITV

27 November Sunday

  • Japan vs Costa Rica, 10am, ITV
  • Belgium vs Morocco, 1pm, BBC
  • Croatia vs Canada, 4pm, BBC
  • Spain vs Germany, 7pm, BBC

28 November Monday

  • Cameroon vs Serbia, 10am, ITV
  • South Korea, 1pm, BBC
  • Brazil vs Switzerland, 4pm, ITV
  • Portugal vs Uruguay, 7pm, ITV

29 November Tuesday

  • Ecuador vs Senegal, 3pm, ITV
  • Netherlands vs Qatar, 3pm, ITV
  • Iran vs USA, 7pm, BBC
  • Wales vs England, 7pm, BBC

30 November Wednesday

  • Tunisia vs France, 3pm, BBC
  • Australia vs Denmark, 3pm, BBC
  • Poland vs Argentina, 7pm, BBC
  • Saudi Arabia vs Mexico, 7pm, BBC

1 December Thursday

  • Canada vs Morocco, 4pm, BBC
  • Croatia vs Belgium, 4pm, BBC
  • Japan vs Spain, 7pm, ITV
  • Costa Rica vs Germany, 7pm, ITV

2 December Friday

  • Ghana vs Uruguay, 4pm, BBC
  • South Korea vs Portugal, 4pm, BBC
  • Serbia vs Switzerland, 7pm, ITV
  • Cameroon vs Brazil, 7pm, ITV

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