World Cup 2022: What Are The Nicknames of The Teams in Qatar?

FIFA World Cup 2022 Team Nicknames: We are just three months away from the much-awaited tournament of the year, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 which is scheduled to start on November 20. The tournament will also feature 32 teams, and every football fan from all across the world is eagerly waiting for the tournament to start. It is one of the biggest games, players get a chance to display their country’s respective traditions and culture. This is the reason why every participating football team has a nickname that is a reflection of the country’s tradition.

World Cup 2022 Team Nicknames
Fifa World Cup 2022 Team Nicknames

Here we have elaborated on the nicknames of the FIFA World Cup 2022 teams along with their reasons.

Fifa World Cup 2022 Team Nicknames

Qatar world cup 2022 Teams and the reasons behind the names :

Australia (Socceroos)
Tony Horstead, the Sydney-based journalist nicknamed team Australia as Socceroos. The main reason was to highlight Australia’s iconic Kangaroos.

Qatar (The Maroon)
The home Jersey for team Qatar is Maroon and so it is nicknamed “The Maroon”.

Saudi Arabia (Al Akhdar)
The football team of Saudi Arabia is popularly known by its nickname “Al Akhdar” which means “The Greens”. There are also other nicknames “suqur al-akhdar” which means “The Green Falcons” and “suqur al-arabiyyah” means “Arabian Falcons”.

South Korea (Taegeuk Warriors)
The symbol of the South Korean flag is Taegeuk and so is the nickname “The Taegeuk Warriors”.

Cameroon (Les Lions Indomptables)
Cameroon is known by its nickname “Les Lions Indomptables” which translates to Indomitable Lions.

Ghana (Black Stars)
The center of the Ghanaian flag resembles Black Stars and so the team is nicknamed after it.

Iran (Team Melli)
Team Iran is nicknamed Melli which means “The National Team” in the Persian language. Apart from Melli Iranian football team is also nicknamed Shiran e Iran “The Iranian Lions”, Shirdelan “Lion Hearts” and “Princes of Persia”.

Japan (Samurai Blue)
Japan is closely associated with the Samurai background and so is nicknamed the “Samurai Blue”.

Morocco (The Atlas Lions)
Morocco’s national animal is the Barbary Lion also called the Atlas Lion and thus is known by the nickname.

Senegal (lions of Teranga)
The meaning of Teranga is good hospitality and thus the Senegal football team is nicknamed the “Lions of Teranga”.

Tunisia (Eagles of Carthage)
Carthage is an ancient civilization of Tunisia commune and Eagle is placed in the logo of the Tunisian football federation thus the nickname is a combination of two names.

Canada (The Reds)
The color of the Canadian home kit is Red and hence the team is nicknamed “The Reds”. Also, the country flag holds a close reference to the Maple leafs, and is nicknamed with the same.

Costa Rica (Los Ticos)
Ticos is a unique way of saying in Spanish diminutives and thus Costa Rica is often called “Los Ticos”.

Mexico (El Tri)
The national flag of team Mexico is a combination of three colors, and the Mexican football team is nicknamed “El Tri”.

Argentina (La Albiceleste)
The color of the Argentina flag is Sky blue and White, whereas the football team jersey has stripes on it. “La Albiceleste” is nicknamed after the combination of the two.

Brazil (Selecao)
Selecao in the Portuguese language states selected players and thus every Brazilian football team is nicknamed “Selecao”.

Ecuador (La Tri)
The National Flag of team Ecuador consists of three colors, which is nicknamed for the football team “La Tri”.

Uruguay (La Celeste)
La Celeste means Sky Blue which is also the Uruguay team’s Jersey color.

Belgium (Die Roten Teufel)
“Die Roten Teufel” means The Red Devils, as the Belgian football squad is nicknamed.

Croatia (Kockasti)
The pattern of the Croatia National flag is Chequered one and thus the team is nicknamed “Kockasti”.

Denmark (Da Rod- Hvide)
The color of Denmark’s primary kit is Red and White, which means “Da Rod-Hvide”.

England (Three Lions)
The logo of the Football Association of England has three lions and thus the English team is nicknamed “Three Lions”.

France (Les Blues)
The France team is nicknamed after its Jersey’s color Blue.

Germany (Nationalelf)
The nickname “Nationalelf” means National Eleven and the German Football team is nicknamed after it.

The Netherlands (Oranje)
The color of the Netherlands home kit and also the logo of the governing body of Football, KNVB is Orange and thus team Netherlands is nicknamed “Oranje”.

Poland (Biato- czerwoni)
“Biato –czerwoni” in English means White and Red.

Portugal (Os Navegadores)
The nickname “Os Navegadores” means the Navigators and thus Portugal team is popularly known as the football team.

Serbia (Orlovi)
The national symbol of Serbia is a white double-headed eagle – which means Orlovi.

Spain (La Roja)
“La Roja” means the Red one and the Spain national football team is nicknamed “La Roja”.

Switzerland (Rossocrociati)
The meaning of “Rossocrociati” is Red Cross which is the nickname of team Switzerland.

Wales (The Dragons)
Wales’s national flag has fire breathing dragon and thus the team is nicknamed “The Dragons”.

USA (Star Stripes)
The National flag and the United States Soccer Federation have Stars and Stripes and thus the team is nicknamed “Star Stripes”.

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